Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The First Few Weeks as an Occasional Teacher

It seems my life has been a whirlwind since graduation from Brock in June.  From getting engaged to going through the rigorous interview process for an occasional teaching position with the Thames Valley DSB to being hired and completing my first supply teaching days; I can definitely say it has been an emotional roller coaster, as well as an extremely busy part of my life (which is why this has been a bit neglected over the past few months ... sorry!)  But I am back now!

Thus far, all of my days, except for one, have been prearranged, which is extremely beneficial when prepping and getting prepared for where to be and what I will need.  My one call in, I actually got at the time they needed a teacher in, which was an experience in itself.  Luckily I lived very close and quickly got myself ready for the day and made it over as the recess bell rang!  So far, I am enjoying every single minute of my experience as an occasional teacher.  Although I definitely was nervous for my first day, once back in the classroom, I quickly fell back into the role that I had missed so much over the summer and while continuing to volunteer in a classroom at the beginning of the year.

I have also definitely learned a lot over the past few weeks of supply teaching, some of which I was extremely surprised about.  I enjoy the fact that there is a new learning experience each day with all the new classes and schools I enter, whether it be from the students themselves, the other teachers or the amazing work that is presented in the classrooms.  There are also so many opportunities to meet, connect and build relationships with different teachers and administrators which is invaluable in so many ways.  I can also truly say that everything I have learned thus far, whether it was during my BEd at Brock or through the AQ courses I have taken since graduating, have definitely been useful and I look forward to continuing to learn through further AQ's and ABQ's, as well as keeping an open mind and open eyes in every classroom I visit!

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