Sunday, 27 November 2011

How fast two weeks flies by ....

I cannot believe that I am officially done half of my placement and only have two weeks left with my grade 5’s.  I have learned so much in the past two weeks and have found out so much about myself as a teacher and have grown as a teacher because of this experience.  I know now, more than ever how passionate I am about teaching and how wonderful it will be to one day have my very own classroom.

My first day had a lot of eye opening experiences that really introduced me to what teaching is all about and how personalities in the classroom can turn a great day to a more challenging day.  I also learned that I knew my lesson plan a lot better than I thought, barely glancing at it during my lessons.  As my placement has progressed, I have found growing confidence in my teaching voice and my “disciplinary” voice.  Surprisingly, it was a lot easier to develop this “disciplinary” voice than I thought.  Classroom management also came a lot easier to me than I thought it would and I feel a lot more confident waiting for students to be ready to listen before I continue speaking.  Since I did not have my assessment and evaluation course before this placement, I was worried about implementing assessment in the grade 5 class, however, my associate teacher has been an excellent resource and has given me confidence in creating rubrics and shown me ways to implement a checklist and anecdotal notes in such a large class.  I cannot believe that two weeks have gone by and I only have two more left with my class, I have learned so much and implemented so many things that I learned in my first two months at Brock.  Unfortunately there is no SMART board in my classroom yet, but I have been able to implement 21st century teaching in so many other ways.  The students are now in groups and collaborate in math, science and physical education.  They are also learning how to reflect on their own learning and self-assess their learning.  But I am still hoping that the SMART board will arrive within the next two weeks so I can help my associate learn how to use it! 

 I know that December 9th is going to be a tough day for me because I already feel that I have become a part of the grade 5 classroom and cannot imagine leaving the fabulous school, community of teachers, associate teacher and all of the wonderful grade 5 students behind.

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