Thursday, 22 September 2011

My First Day

Today was my first day of observation at Queensdale Elementary, and what an information packed day it was!  I went from observing my grade 5 class, to an IEP session with my associate teacher and the resource teacher and back to observing … and now sitting here, I am even more excited about everything to come and overcome with joy at the possibilities in the teaching profession.  It was amazing finally being in a classroom with students and seeing the various teaching strategies and classroom management techniques in practice that I have been learning about over the past few weeks.  It was also interesting to be involved in the IEP sessions, especially being able to see how an IEP is specifically created for each identified student.  The process that goes into creating these for each student is definitely a lengthy process, but it was fascinating to observe how the accommodations and modifications are made, as well as the teaching strategies to be used to help these students succeed in the classroom.  I found this extremely beneficial because I will need to be aware of these things when I am facilitating a lesson to make sure that each student in the classroom can learn and succeed. 

When I first entered the classroom I was taken aback since there was no technology at use.  However, I found out that the classroom I am in is awaiting its technology which means ... (drum roll please) … I WILL BE HAVING A SMART BOARD IN MY CLASSROOM!! I cannot wait to make full use of this resource when I am teaching the grade 5’s, as well as helping my associate teacher learn how to integrate it into her classroom and lessons.  Although I have previously worked in a classroom with a SMART board, knowing I had 2 days last week to really learn how to use the software involved makes me feel a lot more comfortable knowing I will be helping integrate this amazing tool and resource into the grade 5 classroom =)  I cannot wait to go back tomorrow and learn even more about the students and the classroom.  I have always been sure of my decision to be a teacher, but just being in the grade 5 classroom makes me feel at home and makes me so much more aware of my passion to teach.



Stacey, it sounds like you had a fantastic first day!
How incredible that already, you are able to talk about the IEP process, accommodations, modifications....

I love how excited you seem about the implementation of new technology in the classroom. I bet the Associate teacher must be thrilled too! She is lucky to have you.

In the mean time, how can you include 21st Century learning skills in your lessons - without technology? What other strategies might you employ?


Anonymous said...

It's great that you'll be involved in the learning that occurs around a new piece of technology, like a SMARTBoard! How ironic that you may get to share your knowledge and experience with your Associate! I regret that SMARTBoards are the one piece of technology that I have had little to no experience with, mostly because they are not normally installed in schools in my District. I hope you share your SB experiences in your Blog so all of us may learn too.